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I was raising funds for my business and VCs were not answering my emails. I used my connections with other funded founders to get intros and that changed everything!

Matt H. Founder

I just plugged in the data to my CRM and started contacting each founder. It may be the market I’m in, but it works well with non US founders.

Alexandra L. B2B Sales Manager

I started so many chats and my network instantly started growing. I’m definitely going to be a founder.

Andrew M. Digital Sales Manager

Founderalert is now a permanent part of our lead pipeline. Our team starts educating founders as early as possible about our products. Thanks!

Olivia V. Head of Growth

One of the founders on the list gave me a job. It’s as simple as that. I can’t thank you enough!

Taylor T. CMO

We sell risk management software and basically offer a free tier to all the recently funded founders. It’s a long term bet, but we’re definitely reinforcing our connections.

Justin S. Software Sales

I felt a bit isolated so I targeted a few founders and we now meet up once a month to chat and complain about server prices. It’s brilliant.

Zach K. Founder

Technical founders are usually difficult to contact and don’t often network. Well I don’t anyway. This is a solid stepping stone.

Alyssa B. CTO

Every morning I spend 15 minutes nurturing these contacts. I’m getting a lot of blunt positive and negative feedback and the conversations grow from there. It’s great.

Joshua E. Business Developer

Frequently asked questions

Can I use this for networking?

Yes! These founders are funded, but only just. This is the best time to reach out and start making connections. In a few months, they will be too in demand to return your messages.

Can I use this for B2B sales?

Yes! As soon as founders raise funds, they need to grow fast and they need to manage this growth with tons of SaaS and recruitment needs.

How will I receive my data?

As soon as you create your account, you will get immediate access to your very own dashboard with all the information for the latest funded founders.

What is the data format?

Each founder has its own row in the table with links to linkedin, website and twitter. No extra software required.

What's not in the database?(no surprises)

We do not provide direct email addresses to all founders. We cannot guarantee that all businesses have a company linkedin or twitter account. But if they do, you will have it.

Can I see a sample?

Of course! Simply scroll up to the table at top of this page. This table is exactly what the database looks like.

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